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5 easy steps to use our attractive calendar more effectively!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We know life can be a chaotic sometimes. School, work, deadlines and some of us prefer calendars and productivity to be link. We have come out 5 steps to use our calendar effectively and diligently. You now can embrace 2022 with lots of optimism and full of confidence.

1. Note down special occasions and dates.

Note down special occasions and dates at our notes area. Highlight or put stickers at the date if you want to. We do not want you to miss any important dates, don't you? Never miss another important date ever again! 😊

2. Don't forget to schedule "Me Time".

As mentioned, we know life can be chaotic sometimes. Hence, it's best to schedule or block "Me Time" for yourselves. Sometimes, when life gets to busy, we definitely wouldn't want to set time for ourselves as we feel bad and guilty for the work that we left behind. Scheduled it then and make around it when life get chaotic.

3. Make legend/symbols to differentiate.

Sometimes we are in a rush or we take a glimpse at our calendar to know the plan for the day. Make legend/symbols for quick or easy viewing. You could draw a birthday cake for birthdays or draw a cheque for pay day.

4. Do time blocking.

Don't underestimate the power of time blocking. Time blocking is simply a time management technique where you set aside a specific amount of time for a particular task. With time blocking, you are able to see or have an overlook on your day.

5. Find the perfect place to display your calendar.

Last but not least, find the perfect place to display your calendar. We do not want you or anyone using our calendar missing out with anything.

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